Seed & Bacteria

BRT BioRootBuilder IF

Guaranteed Analysis 

Total Nitrogen (N) ………………................... 0.00%  
Available Phosphoric Acid (P205)……......  0.00%   
Soluble Potash (K20)…………................... 0.00% 

Derived From:

Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, kelp, reverse osmosis water, carbohydrates, fractured natural polyhydroxy acids, amino acids, specialized indigenous soil microbes, bio-organic catalysts, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, over-producing Cytokinin Bacteria, Trichoderma, Azospirillum, Mycorrhizae, Vitamin B-12, and Carrisyn. 

General information                                                          

To get crops off to a fast start use the BRT Bio-RootBuilder IF starter program. It will give you a predictable increase of root hair production. Its simple, fast, inexpensive and effective. BRT BioRoot-Builder IF hydrates new seedlings, provides key nutrients known to increase root activity, and contains plant hormones proven to stimulate root development. This formula blends well into most grades of starter fertilizers.  We have found that using a 100% orthophosphate fertilizer seems to be the most synergistic to yield response. BRT BioRootBuilder IF is a complete package.  It provides all the building blocks your crop will need, in a natural, safe and easy-to-mix formula. It is a high-powered, nourishing, organic-based bacterial package that builds healthy crops by promoting root development. This increased root mass then aids in photosynthesis. The benefits of using the BRT BioRootBuilder IF in a starter program is that the seedlings start faster, grow healthier, build rootmass, resist stress, and eventually  yield more!   BRT BioRootBuilder IF can help protect roots damaged by environmental stress, with a special combination of organic carbons and natural soil inoculants that promotes healing and new root development. 


For best results place directly below the seed row 1-2”. 

Corn: Use 26 oz/acre blended with 4-5 gallons/acre of a 100% Ortho-based fertilizer like BRT 8-19-3. 

Cotton, Soybeans: Use 26 oz/acre blended with 3-5 gal of water per acre or with 1-3 gallons of 100% Ortho-based fertilizer.  RO water can be added to complete a 5-7gal/acre mix.  

Vegetables: 32 oz/acre with 2-5gal starter fertilizer and water at 10-15 gal/acre for a 15-20gal/acre mix. Spray or dribble on the furrow at planting. 

Bramble Fruits, Fruit and Nut Trees: Apply 48 oz/acre in 15 gal of water per acre. (Apply at time of planting for best results). 

Mixing instructions                                                        

BRT BioRootBuilder IF mixes completely in water and most starters with minimal agitation.                                                                                

1. Fill tank ½ full of water or starter and begin agitation.                
2. Add BRT BioRootBiulder IF to mixing tank.                                           
3. Add other nutrients (be sure to check compatibility prior to blending).
BRT BIO-RootBuilder ST

Guaranteed Analysis                                                      

Total Nitrogen (N) .......................................0.00%
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) ……........ 0.00%
Soluble Potash (K2O).................................. 0.00% 
Derived From: 

Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, kelp, reverse osmosis water, carbohydrates, Mycorrhizae, fractured natural polyhydroxy acids, amino acid, indigenous soil microbes, bio-organic catalysts, phosphoric acid and acetic acid. 

General Information: 

BRT BIO-RootBuilder ST is produced by combining natural occurring bacteria (predominantly aerobic, with limited species of anaerobic) and fungi, while adding organic carbons, kelp, and seaweed. BRT BIO-RootBuilder ST has a broad usage list including corn, soybeans, vegetables, fruit, nut trees and more. BRT BIO-RootBuilder ST is a stand-alone product as a seed-coating. It can also be applied as a nutrient foliar spray to increase beneficial micro-flora on leaf surface tissue. Its performance has been exceptional for plant health and yield response.  BRT BIO-RootBuilder ST hydrates new seedlings, provides key nutrients known to increase rootlet activity, supplies bacterium that maintain root health, and includes a plant hormone known to stimulate root development. 


CORN, VEGETABLES: 3-5 ounces per 100 WT seed; treated prior to planting.   

RICE, SMALL GRAINS: 4-5 ounces per 100 WT seed; sprayed on seed prior to planting.  

SOYBEANS, ALFALFA, AND CLOVER: Use 3-5 ounces per 100 WT seed; treated up to 3 month prior to planting.  

DIRECTIONS FOR FOLIAR USE:                                          For best results mix 5-8oz/acre with water.  Use the highest volume of water, as much as 20-30 gals of water/ acre to ensure complete coverage.  Maintain a small droplet size. Can be blended with V5 Foliar Micros, BRT R1 Seed Set, or Foliar PGR +. Multiple applications may be used to increase the micro-flora on the leaf tissue; but do not apply more than 3 times per growing season. 


Mix 1 part BRT BIO-RootBuilder ST with 9 parts water. Soak the root mass of your bare root plants for ½ to 4 hours prior to planting.